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    Welcome to! We strive to be the best TF2 betting site available. Have fun and good luck!


    Items are valued using the Backpack.TF API. Together with NASA we have created advanced mathematical algorithms to calculate safe and accurate item prices. Depending on the item type we may higher or lower the price, here are the rates.

    Changes based on item type:
    TypePrice Change
    Mann Co. Supply Crate Key+20%
    Max's Severed Head+15%
    Bill's Hat+15%
    Unusuals: $0 - $100+5%
    Unusuals: $100 - $200+0%
    Unusuals: $200 - $350-5%
    Unusuals: +$350-10%
    Changes based on price:
    TypePrice Change
    0.00$ - 0.10$Not Accepted
    0.10$ - 0.50$-10%
    0.50$ - 1.00$-5%

    Provably fair

    Provably fair means that the outcome is generated before the bets are placed. The outcome cannot be changed in any way during the betting phase.
    This means that we cannot change the roll outcome to our favor depending on the placed bets.

    The algorithm works by generating a hash of a secret salt and the roll number. The hash is shown when the round opens and the salt is revealed after the round has finished.
    To prove a roulette round is fair, make sure the following equations holds:

    SHA256(Salt + Roll) = Hash

    Testing this can be done through an online tool like PHP Tester
    Just paste this code and insert the appropriate values:

    $hash = "77151698dc13a9bdf2d2db4c44ff3d71fc2d8c8f6aa1f12252df64fbf0e9d45f";
    $salt = "70b249e12338a35b2ae1acd44b49ad98";
    $roll = "4";

    if (hash("sha256", $salt.$roll) === $hash) echo "Valid";
    else echo "Invalid";


    How do I play?

    The first thing you need to do is deposit something to get coins on the site. Click the deposit tab, select the items you wish to deposit and click the big red button that says Deposit. You will get a trade offer from our bot with your items in it. When you accept the trade offer, your balance on the site will be updated and you can start playing. To create a coinflip game, click on red button with a add symbol on it. Choose which team you want to be on and how much you want to wager. When you're ready, click the button with the navigate_next icon on it. Your game will be placed in the active games list and all you have to do is wait for a partner. If at any time you leave your game, by clicking the back button or refreshing the page, you can get back to it by clicking on the visibility icon on your game in the list. Good luck, and have fun!

    How do I watch a coinflip game?

    Click the inspect button next to the game you wish to view.

    What currency does TF2Bet use?

    TF2Bet uses a coin system for our currency. The coin symbol looks like this: monetization_on. These coins have no real-world value and can only be exhanged for virtual items.

    What is the minimum deposit?

    We do not accept anything below $0.25.

    Who runs TF2Bet?

    We are a team of young developers who has a growing knowledge of web development and security, we've run previous betting sites and wanted to improve the TF2 betting community. is created to be a fair, secure and advanced betting site.

    What is the house cut?

    TF2Bet does only have a fixed fee on coinflips. We take an approximate 5% (this is 10% for players who have not deposited) fee of the total value of each coinflip game. Appending to the end of your name will reduce this fee by 20% to 4% (8% for players who have not deposited). We also have a small withdraw markup of 5% since alot of people just use for trading.

    Terms of Service Agreement

    By using you agree to the following terms of service. Violators may be refused access to's services. reserves the right to refuse access to any user at the sole discretion of staff. also reserves the right to not have to provide a reason for suspension from our services. All following terms are subject to change at any given time, without prior warning, at the discretion of's staff.

    Age Restriction

    You must be at least 18 years or older to log into with your Steam account. All laws and regulations of the United States of America are applied on

    Privacy Policy

    Steam accounts are used to identify users in By using our service you acknowledge and agree that your Steam account, Steam account display name, and Steam account avatar may be shared with other users. will never ask for, collect, or share the personal information of any of its users. Additionally, uses cookies in order to enhance your user experience. Cookies are used to store non-sensitive user data, such as your SteamID and player name. All cookies are fully encrypted and private, and by agreeing to the terms of serice you agree to allow us to use these encrypted cookies in any way we wish.

    Code of Conduct

    Users are asked to remain respectful at all times. Harassment, misconduct, excessive spam, solicitation, advertisement in chat - are all prohibited behaviors.'s staff reserves the right to make per-user specific judgement calls on an offender of the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time.

    Acceptable Use

    You must not use in any way that causes, or may cause, damage to the website or impairment of the availability or accessibility of or in any way which in unlawful, illegal, fraudulent or harmful.


    TF2Bet does only have a fixed fee for coinflips. It allows us to maintain all services related to keep TF2Bet running. Appending to the end of your name will reduce this fee by 20% to 4% (8% for players who have not deposited). There is also a slight markup(+5%) on items in withdraw in order to reduce abuse of the system.

    Limited Liability does not take responsibility for Steam actions (such as trade bans / limitations) by depositing or withdrawing items from our bots. Additionally, by using, you accept that it is in beta and that inevitable problems may arise, leading to missed or unaccounted for bets, deposits, and or withdrawls. Coins will not be returned upon such an occurance. Such issues include, but are not limited to: poor network connection, DDOS attacks, Server crashes, ISP service interruption, or especially steam trade cooldowns/bans/escrow trade holds which cause our bots to be unable to confirm your trade.

    Affiliation and Sponsorship

    In the case you enter an affiliation with or get sponsored in any way for a promised service for the site, you are legally obliged to return any virtual items or money given to you if you do not fulfill the service promised.

    Maximum Bets reserves the right to manipulate the maximum and minimum bet at any time without prior warning to maintain site functionality.

    Item Pricing reserves the right to deny or discount items for any reason. does not accept stickers, souvenir items, or name tags. Items of low value, as deemed by, are also not accepted. These regulations are subject to change at any given time without prior warning at the discretion of's staff.

    Currency the betting currency on TF2Bet is a type of "coin". These coins have no real-world value and can only be exhanged for virtual items.

    Depositing and Withdrawing

    To get currency on the site, you must deposit your skins through the "Deposit" page. Offers will not be sent to individuals without the Steam mobile authenticator. When you deposit skins into the site; those items are official property of TF2Bet.


    Inventory Pricing Information refresh
    *Minimum item value:  monetization_on0.30


    Items (Max 10) Pricing Information refresh
    Spend monetization_on2.50 to win up to monetization_on500!
    Items have no relation to price. You will get the value displayed, not the item.
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